Brahma - Brahma Duplo Malte Launch

Category: Product Innovation


Brahma was starting to suffer both in volume and brand differentiation as a result of the fast-growing new core pure malt segment in Brazil. But how could we crash the party late and still manage to get all the spotlight? We needed an innovation that would not only help us close the gap in that segment, but one with the potential to put us directly in the driving seat of this category. So doubling down on the quality standard of the category, we launched the first ever Brazilian beer with not only one type of pure malt, but two! Combining the Pilsner and Munich malts, Brahma not only told an interesting story of a new perfectly balanced refreshing and flavory pure malt beer, but made people feel they were discovering something new and a bit more sophisticated.

Brand: Brahma
Lead Agency: Africa, Tatil
Zone: SAZ
Country: Brazil

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