Honorable Mention

Bud Light - Bud Light Seltzer

Category: Product Innovation

Honorable Mention

With mass national awareness of the hard seltzer category still relatively low, AB leaned on its biggest brand with a reputation for successful innovations to bring seltzer to a mass audience. Bud Light Seltzer set out to educate people about hard seltzers and why Bud Light was getting in the game. We started with our packaging, answering the questions we knew consumers would be asking right on the pack. Then, we found the perfect place to kick off our campaign: Seltzer, Pennsylvania. We created a fictional call center (and bar, obviously) with a real hotline where people could call local townspeople from Seltzer, PA to answer their most pressing Bud Light Seltzer questions. Then, during the Super Bowl, Bud Light’s number one fan, Post Malone, showed America the struggle we all now be facing, having to choose between Bud Light and Bud Light Seltzer.

Brand: Bud Light
Lead Agency: wieden+kennedy, JKR
Zone: NAZ
Country: US

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