Bud Light - Chief Meme Officer

Category: Creative Use of Data


The rise in popularity of the seltzer category has been attributed to meme culture, but no brands were taking advantage of the trend. As a brand that stands for fun, Bud Light Seltzer had the credibility and opportunity to make waves with social content that would 1) appeal to our consumer and 2) indirectly promote our product. Realizing that we excel in seltzer but not so much on the internet, we had a bright idea: Let’s hire memers and give them a new seltzer to champion. This idea resulted in a brand-new position to Bud Light’s marketing department, never seen before in the industry – a Chief Meme Officer (CMO), a 3-month position dedicated to serving the internet with ten “fire” Bud Light memes a week for compensation and a whole lot of free seltzer.

Brand: Bud Light
Lead Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Zone: NAZ
Country: US

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