Carling Black Label - Class of its Own

Category: Creative Brand Strategy


For decades Carling Black Label has been a Champion beer for Champion men, but with massive unemployment and the additional systemic effects of Covid19, South African men were no longer feeling like Champions. To remain relevant, we looked to our beer for inspiration, and came up with a new core creative concept: “There’s Gold Inside”. This shift in strategic focus showed us that one of the main hurdles standing in the way of many South Africans is education. So we found 35 men who had never completed their high school studies and enrolled them in a ‘Class of their Own’, giving them the opportunity to complete their studies. We lifted millions of men’s hopes and dreams, elevating Carling Black Label to a ‘Class of Its Own’.

Brand: Carling Black Label
Lead Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Zone: AFR
Country: South Africa

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