Castle Lite - Cold Tracker

Category: Creative Use of Data


With hiking electricity prices in parts of Africa, three out of five informal outlet owners were turning off their fridges to save on running costs, making cold beer hard to find. We needed to compell Castle Lite’s retail partners to spend the extra on electricity to make cold beer accessible to consumers and so deliver on our brand promise of Extra Cold Refreshment. The answer was an innovative Cold Tracker, an adapted 3G device which could monitor both temperature and location, installed into 212 fridges in retail outlets across Tanzania. To sweeten the deal, geolocated out-of-home leaderboards were installed which displayed – in real time – which fridges in the immediate vicinity were offering the coldest Castle Lite, creating the world’s first temperate-based media trading platform: cold beer and cold fridges in return for valuable marketing space.

Brand: Castle Lite
Lead Agency: Promise
Zone: AFR
Country: Tanzania

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