Carling Black Label - Cup of Ages

Category: Scale & Adapt


The Carling Cup, a South African football derby between the biggest soccer clubs in Africa, is played in the iconic 90,000 seat FNB stadium every year, and is the country’s most viewed game — even bigger than the soccer world cup final played in South Africa in 2010. What makes this game loved by fans is their involvement in shaping the starting line-up by buying a Carling Black Label and selecting which players they want on the field via the USSD string. With the COVID-19 pandemic at its height, all live sports were cancelled in South Africa, meaning that the Carling Black Label Cup would not take place in its tenth year of existence. But when we saw that an all-digital match worked for Corona Mexico, we knew we could adapt the idea for our Champion Fans and scale it to the size that they’ve come to expect from the Carling Cup – and once again bring the country to a standstill. The fans have been pivotal in creating the past 9 years of Carling Cup memories, so in 2020 we gave them all these memories in one game, The Carling Cup of Ages.

Brand: Carling Black Label
Lead Agency: draftLine JNB
Zone: AFR
Country: South Africa

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