Budweiser - Don't Drink and Buy

Category: Smart Drinking


Every year, American’s spend $40B on drunk purchases. During 2020’s quarantine, alcohol sales were up 15% and American’s were shopping online more than ever. As Cyber Monday approached, this combined behavior had American’s primed to make more regrettable purchases than ever. That’s when Budweiser Zero released a faux-PSA style digital film encouraging consumers not to fall victim to drunk purchases this holiday season. Instead, we promoted responsible drinking with Budweiser Zero, so our consumers could stay on their shopping game. To drive social conversation we highlighted the wacky items we’ve all bought under the influence and incentivized consumers to share their own for a chance to win a $10K shopping spree on us.

Brand: Budweiser
Lead Agency: DAVID Miami, Allison + Partners
Zone: NAZ
Country: US

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