Corona Cero - El Sabor Del Home Office

Category: Smart Drinking


Corona Cero offers a new consumption moment for those that have to work at home and want to enjoy the taste of their favorite beer, but without alcohol. The new ‘Work from Home’ conditions significantly changed people’s daily routines, including incresed consumption of alcohol during the week and even during working hours. We started with the Insight “Since I’m at home I could refresh myself with my favorite beer while I work, but at the same time I can’t compromise my performance”. The campaign aimed to satisfy “El sabor de trabajar en casa” (The taste of working at home). We focused our communications around key moments of working from home and its benefits, and offered people break times and suggested responsible consumption alternatives so that consumers could enjoy the taste of Corona while still being productive at work. The campaign crove a 10% increase in sales vs previous month by reaching over 18 million Mexicans and driving 3.6 million interactions. Cheers to working from home and drinking responsibly!

Brand: Corona Cero
Lead Agency: draftLine, We Believers, Mediacom
Zone: MAZ
Country: MEX

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