Corona - Gracias Extra

Category: Scale & Adapt


Healthcare professionals who were putting everything on the line day in and day out to respond to COVID-19 in clinics and hospitals were being stigmatized by the rest of the society, who saw them as potential carriers of the virus. As an iconic brand in Mexico, at Corona we felt we had to get involved. Since we knew the same events were taking place on the other side of the ocean, that’s where we looked for inspiration. When we learned about the homage the brand Camden was paying their heroes over in the UK, we changed our historic “Corona Extra” logo to “Gracias Extra” (Extra Thanks), and established a platform to support the Mexican Red Cross. #GraciasExtra was a scalable and flexible idea that became a platform complete with donation campaigns, a limited edition can to raise funds, a Mother’s Day event, and an invitation to daily applause to thank medical personnel, among others.

Brand: Corona
Lead Agency: Grey Argentina
Zone: MAZ
Country: MEX

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