Bud Light - Jeff Adams

Category: Best Use Of Influencers


We believe that the future of marketing lies in putting the consumers at the center of everything we do, even INCLUDING them in our communications. When a heroic fan took a home run ball to the chest to save his beers during the World Series, Bud Light sprung into action. The Internet identified the man as Jeff Adams, a local Washington Nationals fan. We placed Jeff in the outfield at Game 6, wearing a T-Shirt with a picture of his face and the message “Always Save the Beers.”We leveraged our league partnership to put him in a TV commercial, which aired just 48 hours after he took the home run ball to the chest. And when the Nats won Game 7 just 24 hours later,we were prepared with yet another spot, celebrating our hero and Nats fans everywhere.

Brand: Bud Light
Lead Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Zone: NAZ
Country: USA

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