Michelob ULTRA - Movement Live

Category: Scale & Adapt


For the past 3 years, MOVEMENT by Michelob ULTRA has brought fun, large-scale wellness festivals to cities across the US, connecting fitness communities to consumers with a healthy lifestyle who enjoy a beer. When COVID-19 left consumers without a routine or place to workout and built an added level of fear that their favorite gyms, studios and trainers would never come back because of financial hardships, MOVEMENT by Michelob ULTRA pivoted to MOVEMENT by Michelob ULTRA LIVE. The online workout series directly supported local fitness communities via a virtual tip jar and always ended in a cheers. Each week, Michelob ULTRA paired a local gym, studio or trainer in need with a top athlete, celebrity or fitness enthusiast to drive awareness and donations.

Brand: Michelob ULTRA
Lead Agency: Mosaic, Synergy, 3PM, SetAbout
Zone: NAZ
Country: US

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