Grand Prix 2020

Michelob ULTRA - NBA Courtside

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Grand Prix 2020

The new normal told us, “No fans allowed.” So we reinvented the way fans got into the stands. Through incredible ingenuity and innovation, we developed an experience that put the fans right where they want to be, and right where the players need them to be: Courtside. Fans were able to virtually cheer, scream, dance, celebrate, and enjoy every aspect of the game, while athletes were able to feed off that energy and elevate their game as well as their enjoyment. We built a 360 plan around Courtside, that reached consumers across multiple platforms, inviting them to be a part of this revolutionary experience.

Brand: Michelob ULTRA
Lead Agency: FCB NY, draftLine US, Dentsu, 160/90
Zone: NAZ
Country: US

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