Stella Artois - Rally For Restaurants

Category: Scale & Adapt


Rally For Restaurants was a project developed to support local restaurants facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID pandemic. It was born in Brazil but within 2 weeks was scaled to over 21 countries. The simple idea allowed people to purchase gift cards at their local restaurants today, to use in the future – which provided bars and restaurants immediate liquidity. As an incentive, Stella Artois matched part of the gift card value, creating a compelling value proposition. A marketplace website was built on a shoppable platform, and the call went out to restaurants and bars to sign up. Those signing up for the program were supported with paid awareness assets from Stella, marketing material for their own channels, and a massive PR push. Closing the loop, chefs from across the world volunteered to create “thankyou” videos and share the recipes of their most popular dishes for people to make at home during the pandemic, further amplifying the reach and impact of the program.

Brand: Stella Artois
Lead Agency: draftLine
Zone: GHQ
Country: GHQ

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