Honorable Mention

Budweiser - Whassup

Category: Scale & Adapt

Honorable Mention

During Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) called out Mental Health as one of the single biggest issues that people would face due to the pandemic. Loneliness and depression continued to spike in many places around the world. It became more and more apparent, as the pandemic progressed, that people simply needed a shoulder to lean on, a source of comfort and some positivity. So we chose to bring back the 1999 viral marketing sensation ‘Whasssup.’ The concept worked as a perfect reminder of the relationship between friends and how so little conversation can mean so much in connection. A simple and powerful message that balanced nostalgia and humor with our brand at heart. We also added a powerful call-to-action message, “Check on your Buds,” encouraging friends to check in on each other.

Brand: Budweiser
Lead Agency: Anomaly NY
Zone: GHQ
Country: QHQ & UK

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